Yannik Bloscheck Designer & Developer

5 Years


It seems like eternity, but five years ago on this day I registered this domain and published this website. In the following years the website has undergone many changes. The most significant one was over two years ago when I changed the website to the current concept. At that point I wrote a small article about the things I used to create the website. Now on the 5th anniversary I want to give you a small update on the things behind it:

The website and domain are still hosted by the great people at domainFACTORY. They provide the best customer service and have good prices.
Also I still edit this website with Coda and Diet Coda from Panic. They both got big updates in the last years, which made them even better.
In addition to them I use Sketch from Bohemian Coding to design the header images and ImageOptim to optimise their file size afterward.
The main font still is Open Sans. I also use a version of STHeiti for the navigation and SS Social for the social icons. All fonts were adapted to my needs with Glyphs.
After using the great Kirby CMS for a while I decided to build my own CMS to have more flexibility. It was tricky but it's still used today.