Yannik Bloscheck Designer & Developer



A few years ago I realised that I want an app, which shows the departures at my most used public-transport stations. The official app for Germany DB Navigator by Deutsche Bahn is great for most cases, but it isn't that good for just daily commute in a big city.
So I decided to develop my own app. It was called Tram at the time and included just a few stations.
Over time it morphed into a new app called Abfahrten, which supports almost all stations in Germany. Abfahrten automatically shows the next departures at your nearest station or you can type in a station name to see the next departures for that station. You can change between different types of transportation by double tapping with two fingers.


I use this app daily and some friends wanted to use it too. So I thought about how to make it publicly available.
I normally would just publish it on the App Store, but there is a little catch: There isn't an official API the app can use, instead it scrapes the content of the Deutsche Bahn website.
Because of this I don't want to publish it on the App Store, but I still want it to be available for everybody to use. Therefore I decided to put the whole project on GitHub.

So you can just download the latest version from GitHub here, build the project in Xcode and use it on your iOS device. Have fun!