Yannik Bloscheck Designer & Developer



I use Git as my version control system and therefore have a lot Git repositories for many different things.
Many development tools have support for Git build in, but it's not always exactly how I need it to be and for some stuff I don't use traditional developer tools at all. So I have been using Git mainly via the command line, which technically works well. It's just not the fasted or most comfortable.
So I came to the conclusion that I need to create my own solution for this. As I use the repositories a lot and they needed to be always easily accessible I opted for a menubar app. To minimize overhead and possible problems the app is limited to the most common Git commands and just runs them in the background via the command line. Additionally repositories can be organized into sections to find them quicker.


This app became a very useful tool in my tool-belt and I use it a lot. Because it also might be useful for others, I decided to make it publicly available.
I can't publish it on the App Store though, because for the app to always work flawlessly it shouldn't be run sandboxed, which is a requirement to be allowed in the App Store. Therefore I choose to put the whole project on GitHub, which seems like a good place for a Git app.

So you can just download the latest version from GitHub here and use it on your Mac. Have fun!