Yannik Bloscheck Designer & Developer

Switching to Unitymedia

Unitymedia logo

I was a Deutsche Telekom customer for a very long time, but after they announced their recent plans for bandwidth reduction and violation of net neutrality I decided to switch.

After comparing the different offers (and given the fact that I already have cable) the decision was pretty easy. Unitymedia offered by far the best value for my money with an all-in-one solution including a 50 Mbit/s internet connection, a phone line and all major TV networks in high definition.

I wanted to keep my current phone number so instead of ordering it on their website I went to an Unitymedia Shop nearby to make sure everything will go well. Just a short chat, signing some documents and my old contract at Deutsche Telekom was canceled and the new one with Unitymedia was in effect. The next day I got a call by Unitymedia and an appointment to install the new cable hardware was scheduled with a technician. A few days later the technicians came by, installed the new hardware and everything just was set up.

Switching was really much easier than I thought, so I encourage everybody to check their contracts if it's worth switching.