Yannik Bloscheck Designer & Developer

❭❭ Flag Stories

Many different great infographics about the design of flags.

"Sure, there are a lot of books and websites covering the different aspects of flags like history, demography and culture, through heavy text, but we wanted to add new aspects to this field by only looking at the graphics and telling the story visually. So we started this Flag Stories project to discover the hidden stories behind the graphics."
- Source: flagstories.co

Kleinbahn, Borkum

Small steam train

❭❭ Hello Again - Jetzt impfen lassen!

A great video ad for vaccinations against COVID. If you live in Germany, you can get more information about the vaccinations at corona-schutzimpfung.de. Please get yourself vaccinated!

"Hello Again - Krempeln Sie im Sommer die #ÄrmelHoch für den vollen Impfschutz! Lassen Sie sich impfen, denn jede Impfung zählt."
- Source: Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

Dunes, Borkum

Sunset in the dunes

Merry Christmas!

Christmas light