Yannik Bloscheck

❭❭ The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work

"It's a beautiful, elegant solution that gets it all wrong, and it's time to move on"

- Source: Deep Design

Kleine Weser

A part of the river Weser in Bremen

Kein Bild (Safari Extension)


The BILD is a popular newspaper in Germany, but they apparently don't seem to know the meaning of quality journalism and have no moral compass.
So most people just ignore them and don't read their stuff, but sometimes they accidentally click on a link to their website (for example because they didn't pay enough attention or the link was shortened), read the beginning of the text and just get angry at them.
If that happened to you before and you don't want it to happen ever again just download and install this Safari extension and you are protected. The Safari extension will automatically redirect every page on the BILD website to an empty page and you can continue to enjoy your day.

150 Jahre Seenotretter

This weekend the DGzRS celebrated 150 years of professional search and rescue on sea in Germany. They are a great organisation and finance their work without any state funds exclusively through donations and voluntary contributions. That's why they need your help. Please do me a favour and click on the image below to find out more about them:

Her service is priceless - that’s why she needs your donation

5 Years


It seems like eternity, but five years ago on this day I registered this domain and published this website. In the following years the website has undergone many changes. The most significant one was over two years ago when I changed the website to the current concept. At that point I wrote a small article about the things I used to create the website. Now on the 5th anniversary I want to give you a small update on the things behind it:

The website and domain are still hosted by the great people at domainFACTORY. They provide the best customer service and have good prices.
Also I still edit this website with Coda and Diet Coda from Panic. They both got big updates in the last years, which made them even better.
In addition to them I use Sketch from Bohemian Coding to design the header images and ImageOptim to optimise their file size afterward.
The main font still is Open Sans. I also use a version of STHeiti for the navigation and SS Social for the social icons. All fonts were adapted to my needs with Glyphs.
After using the great Kirby CMS for a while I decided to build my own CMS to have more flexibility. It was tricky but it's still used today.