Yannik Bloscheck Designer & Developer



A few years ago I realised that I want an app, which shows all the livestreams of all tv channels with their upcoming program in one place. So I developed it.
Sadly for now only the public broadcasters are offering unrestricted livestreams, which I can use. Therefore only these are included at the moment, but maybe it will be possible for me to add more livestreams in the future.


I use this app almost daily and some friends and family wanted to use it too. So I thought about how to make it publicly available.
I normally would just publish it on the App Store, but there are some legal hurdles in this case. Therefore I decided to put the whole project on GitHub.

So you can just download the latest version from GitHub here, build the project in Xcode and use it on your iOS device. Have fun!

❭❭ Demand Responsive Transport

A great insight into what could be the future of transport in more rural areas.

"There are several 'DRT' bus schemes running in the country - that's where you can order a bus using an app on demand, rather than having it scheduled to a timetable."
- Source: Geoff Marshall

Leuchtturm, Amrum

Lighthouse in the dunes

Wriakhörnsee, Amrum

Sunset over a lake

❭❭ RegExr

In computer programming there is this thing called regular expressions (or short RegEx). They are basically simplified patterns in a special format to find (and replace) text. They are very powerful, but also at first can be hard to understand. I struggled with them for years until I found RegExr. It allows you to live tests regular expressions and has a handy, really helpful cheatsheet next to them in the sidebar. Now I understand them much better and I'm actually happy, if I can use them.

"Edit the expression & text to see matches. Roll over matches or the expression for details. PCRE & JavaScript flavors of RegEx are supported. Validate your expression with tests mode."
- Source: RegExr