Yannik Bloscheck

❭❭ Dark Patterns at Scale

An interesting collection of dark patterns used on shopping websites to manipulate customers.

"Dark patterns are user interface design choices that benefit an online service by coercing, steering, or deceiving users into making unintended and potentially harmful decisions. We conducted a large-scale study, analyzing ~53K product pages from ~11K shopping websites to characterize and quantify the prevalence of dark patterns."

- Source: Researchers from Princeton University and University of Chicago

Sunset, Sylt

Sunset on the beach

❭❭ A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

A great story how we finally got rid of Internet Explorer 6 and a cautionary tale about the power Google has over the internet.

"The bittersweet consequence of YouTube’s incredible growth is that so many stories will be lost underneath all of the layers of new paint. This is why I wanted to tell the story of how, ten years ago, a small team of web developers conspired to kill IE6 from inside YouTube and got away with it."

- Source: Chris Zacharias

Tin Bird

Tin bird in a garden between flowers

Goodbye, MacLife Forum

MacLife logo

When I first went back to the Mac many, many years ago the MacLife forum was a great help. Over time my role shifted from a random person sometimes asking questions to a member mostly answering questions of other people. I had many great discussions there about many different things related to the Apple universe in a civilised style of conversation, that is very rare today on the internet.
Because of a bad relaunch and the competition of social media, the amount of members and visitors decreased in the recent years. Therefore it's not really a surprise, that it now had to be closed and was put into read-only mode.
Thank you all there for the good times!