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10 Years


Ten years ago on this day I registered this domain and published this website. In the following years the website has undergone many changes. On the 5th anniversary I published a small article about the changes until then. Now another five years later it's time for another update:

The website and domain are now hosted by Variomedia after my previous provider got taken over by a bigger company and quality began to suffer. The transfer was easy and the underlying technology stack is now much more modern. I couldn't be happier with its new home.
I still edit this website with the best editor made by Panic, but its name changed with a big update. It's now called Nova and it's even better than before.
I continue to use an improved Sketch to design the header images and ImageOptim to optimise their file size afterward.
The customs fonts are all gone and instead I now use a combination of your system font and Helvetica. This greatly helped to improve loading time.
My own CMS is still used today, but it got several small improvements.

Ten years is a long time, especially in IT, and I'm really thankful for your continued support!

❭❭ Rams

A great film about Dieter Rams one of the most influential designers ever.

"Rams is a documentary portrait of Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers alive, and a rumination on consumerism, sustainability, and the future of design."
- Source: Gary Hustwit

❭❭ How I ended up at Apple (1999)

An interesting text series from a former Apple employee about his different jobs there. It really shows what made Apple so great and where maybe its weaknesses are.

"I’ve interviewed hundreds of people while I’ve been at Apple. Unlike most new recruits, Apple was not a company I ever dreamed about working for."
- Source: Tech Reflect

My personal Nova theme

Theme preview

Nova is the successor of my favorite web editor Coda. It's currently still in beta, but I already use it everyday.
It's even more extensible with many kinds of different plug-ins than Coda was. One way in which both can be extended are custom themes. I already created my own personal theme for Coda, but sadly it doesn't just work in Nova, because of the big changes under the hood. So I modified it for Nova.
It's still called Northsea like the Coda theme, but there are a few small changes. You can download it from the Extension Library inside of Nova if you like.

Website Tests


When you design a website, it's difficult to estimate how good the performance and security really is.
You can visit your website over a slow connection to get a general feeling for its speed, but this is just one other data point and doesn't really tell you the reasons. The lock in the browser address field shows how the connection to your website is encrypted with SSL, but not much more about the security.
A great tool for such cases are website speed and security tests. These tests don't just measure the loading time of your website or used SSL certificates, but also analyse the structure and content of your website to give you hints how to improve it.

You don't need a perfect score in every test for your website to be perfect. There are always things only your hosting provider has control over or necessary tradeoffs specific to your website, which will prevent you from getting the best score. Still, you should aim to get a high a score as possible and repeat the tests at least once every year, because the technologies behind your website and possible attack scenarios are constantly evolving.

Here are some great free tests I recommend to you:




Qualys SSL Labs
Scott Helme
HSTS Preload List