Yannik Bloscheck

5 Years


It seems like eternity, but five years ago on this day I registered this domain and published this website. In the following years the website has undergone many changes. The most significant one was over two years ago when I changed the website to the current concept. At that point I wrote a small article about the things I used to create the website. Now on the 5th anniversary I want to give you a small update on the things behind it:

The website and domain are still hosted by the great people at domainFACTORY. They provide the best customer service and have good prices.
Also I still edit this website with Coda and Diet Coda from Panic. They both got big updates in the last years, which made them even better.
In addition to them I use Sketch from Bohemian Coding to design the header images and ImageOptim to optimise their file size afterward.
The main font still is Open Sans. I also use a version of STHeiti for the navigation and SS Social for the social icons. All fonts were adapted to my needs with Glyphs.
After using the great Kirby CMS for a while I decided to build my own CMS to have more flexibility. It was tricky but it's still used today.

❭❭ Facebook and the media: united, they attack the web

An interesting analysis of what the new Facebook Instant Articles mean for the web

"A few media websites have made a deal with Facebook to present their articles within Facebook’s iOS app instead of on their own websites. Apparently, it’s all the web’s fault. Although, it should be mentioned that Instant Articles are published only on Facebook’s iOS app and degrade gracefully into links to the media site’s original website elsewhere, so it isn’t nearly the wholesale assimilation of everything everywhere that people present it to be. Commentators online report this news alternately as armageddon or the second coming."

- Source: Baldur Bjarnason

❭❭ The Origin of Tweet

Craig Hockenberry (the developer of the first native Twitter app Twitterrific) explains how the word "tweet" came along and provides a bit of insight in the early days of Twitter

"It’s not everyday that a word you helped create gets added to this prestigious publication, so I thought I’d share a bit of the early history of the word "tweet.""

- Source: furbo.org

❭❭ U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner 2015

"Journalists, politicians and celebrities gathered for the White House Correspondents' Association Annual Dinner. President Obama made humorous remarks about politics and the media."

- Source: C-SPAN

❭❭ auslandsjournal - die doku: Nordkorea

A great German documentary about the surreal world of North Korea

"Zehn Tage lang konnte die Filmemacherin Carmen Butta mit ihrem Team in Nordkorea drehen. Den eingeladenen Journalisten präsentierte das Regime ein neues und doch entlarvendes Bild von sich."

- Source: ZDF