Yannik Bloscheck

Giveaway: Dribbble Invite

Dribbble logo

I got another Dribbble invite to give away. If you want it send me some examples of your own work and a link to your website via Mail. The best entry will get the invite!

Update: And the invite is gone!

❭❭ The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work

"It's a beautiful, elegant solution that gets it all wrong, and it's time to move on"

- Source: Deep Design

Kleine Weser

A part of the river Weser in Bremen

Kein Bild (Safari Extension)


The BILD is a popular newspaper in Germany, but they apparently don't seem to know the meaning of quality journalism and have no moral compass.
So most people just ignore them and don't read their stuff, but sometimes they accidentally click on a link to their website (for example because they didn't pay enough attention or the link was shortened), read the beginning of the text and just get angry at them.
If that happened to you before and you don't want it to happen ever again just download and install this Safari extension and you are protected. The Safari extension will automatically redirect every page on the BILD website to an empty page and you can continue to enjoy your day.

150 Jahre Seenotretter

This weekend the DGzRS celebrated 150 years of professional search and rescue on sea in Germany. They are a great organisation and finance their work without any state funds exclusively through donations and voluntary contributions. That's why they need your help. Please do me a favour and click on the image below to find out more about them:

Her service is priceless - that’s why she needs your donation