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❭❭ Demand Responsive Transport

A great insight into what could be the future of transport in more rural areas.

"There are several 'DRT' bus schemes running in the country - that's where you can order a bus using an app on demand, rather than having it scheduled to a timetable."
- Source: Geoff Marshall

Leuchtturm, Amrum

Lighthouse in the dunes

Wriakhörnsee, Amrum

Sunset over a lake

❭❭ RegExr

In computer programming there is this thing called regular expressions (or short RegEx). They are basically simplified patterns in a special format to find (and replace) text. They are very powerful, but also at first can be hard to understand. I struggled with them for years until I found RegExr. It allows you to live tests regular expressions and has a handy, really helpful cheatsheet next to them in the sidebar. Now I understand them much better and I'm actually happy, if I can use them.

"Edit the expression & text to see matches. Roll over matches or the expression for details. PCRE & JavaScript flavors of RegEx are supported. Validate your expression with tests mode."
- Source: RegExr

10 Years


Ten years ago on this day I registered this domain and published this website. In the following years the website has undergone many changes. On the 5th anniversary I published a small article about the changes until then. Now another five years later it's time for another update:

The website and domain are now hosted by Variomedia after my previous provider got taken over by a bigger company and quality began to suffer. The transfer was easy and the underlying technology stack is now much more modern. I couldn't be happier with its new home.
I still edit this website with the best editor made by Panic, but its name changed with a big update. It's now called Nova and it's even better than before.
I continue to use an improved Sketch to design the header images and ImageOptim to optimise their file size afterward.
The customs fonts are all gone and instead I now use a combination of your system font and Helvetica. This greatly helped to improve loading time.
My own CMS is still used today, but it got several small improvements.

Ten years is a long time, especially in IT, and I'm really thankful for your continued support!